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The Alopecia Photo project is a photography project of Simone and Salimah Gablan and is made in collaboration with six young dutch girls with Alopecia. Alopecia is a skin disease. When you have this disease your hair falls out completely or partly. It can be very traumatic. A lot of people think it is cancer but Alopecia is not a terminal disease. This project has to make people aware of that case. 
As a photographer I followed six young girls and documentated a few days of their lives, living with Alopecia. I did some studio work and documentation work as well in their own environment. The project had led to a big exhibition and a phonebook, you can see the full book on this website beneath the images. In the book you can see illustrations of Salimah Gablan, photography by Simone Gablan.

View the full book here

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